Call for Voting System Demonstration Proposals

As part of the 2009 Electronic Voting Tech Workshop/Workshop on Trustworthy Elections (EVT/WOTE 2009), we would like to hold a system demonstration session. We envisage this session as an opportunity for workshop participants to examine and “play with” voting system implementations (or functioning prototypes). The format will be similar to a poster session, with space allocated for each system and participants walking between the different demonstrations. The demo session is mainly aimed at new or non-traditional voting systems (such as implementations of end-to-end verifiable systems), but if space allows we may also include demonstrations of existing systems.

If you would like to demonstrate a system, please email the following details to the EVT/WOTE chairs ([email protected]):

  1. Name of the system
  2. Short abstract
  3. Demo requirements (e.g., space, power, network, etc.)

There is no hard deadline for proposals, however we would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible so that we know how much space we’ll need (if we cannot accommodate all the demos, earlier proposals will receive preference).

Best wishes, the EVT/WOTE Chairs:

David Jefferson
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
[email protected]

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
UC Berkeley/Princeton
[email protected]

Tal Moran
Harvard University
[email protected]